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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 25, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight on "world news," giving thanks. moments from across this country, and the famous governor who saw right here what many of you were doing and he joined in. the first lady tonight on what she hopes you won't worry about. away from home. a small group of american soldiers in one of the most dangerous corners of the world, tonight, sending a message home. what they miss most. the retail rush. big hopes americans will spend this year, so our correspondent calls up everyone from walmart to best buy, asking, what's the best deal you've got? lost and found. feared dead, their families already held funerals. tonight, the survivors and what they had to do to get through it.
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and were there holiday cheaters at your thanksgiving table? what so many were searching for on google, and it wasn't a turkey recipe. good evening on this thanksgiving. and across this country tonight, a portrait of thanks playing out large and small. so many families thankful for what they do have. this moment of prayer at a small pennsylvania town near harrisburg today where volunteers served dinner to their families. in tennessee, 100 volunteers brought dinner to this children's hospital. and in houston, texas, children helping to serve meals. it was in every corner of the nation. and tonight, we learned that california's governor joined in after something he saw on this broadcast. and linsey davis has it all for us, right here in new york. happy thanksgiving, linsey.
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>> reporter: to you and your family, david, as well. while there was a record demand at food banks this year, for many americans, there is much to be thankful for. while millions tuned in for the parade, the meaning of the holiday is sll about providing an extra helpi ining of food foe soul. in evanston, illinois, when parents found this crossing guard was on the verge of being homeless, they saved enough money for her to live rent free. in redding, california, kelly brad ford was recently diagnosed with cancer. her insurance won't cover the $35,000 treatment. >> we need help. >> reporter: so, this holiday, people lined up at the bank. the donations totaled $22,000 and anonymous donor agreed to cover the rest.
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this is a difficult thanksgiving for many. more than 14% live in poverty. a 15-year high. 9.6% are unemployed. in los angeles, the man known as father dollar kept up his tradition of handing out dollar bills, 15,000 in all, to the homeless. >> what are you going to do with it? >> try to feed my little cousin and stuff. >> reporter: in denver, the jackson family couldn't afford it last year, but tonight, they feasted on turkey, thanks to the denver rescue mission. in compton, the salvation army had so many turkey requests, they ran out. but people that watched our coverage started donating, including governor arnold schwarzenegger. he wrote a personal check to buy 240 turkeys. president obama expressed his thanks by calling members of the military from the oval office in an interview this week with barbara walters, he talked about the resilience of the american people, while the first lady
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tried to spread some holiday cheer. >> be kind to each other and laugh a little bit. and don't worry about how much you eat. just enjoy it. >> reporter: so, david, for tonight and perhaps only tonight, michelle obama is condoning that second slice of pumpkin pie, or my personal favorite, sweet potato pie. >> good advice, linsey, thank you. you saw the president and first lady there sitting down with barbara walters. you can see the entire interview tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m., right here on abc. in the meantime, millimeters of americans are watching something else tonight, thankful they are not driving through all of this. look at the radar at this hour. winter storm warnings and weather advisories up across the eastern two-thirds of the nation. that weather system that caused so many problems out west here on the move in the east. meteorologists say much of that snow and ice is heavy rain. so many of you eyes that
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forecast with plans to head out tomorrow, the great race to the malls will be under way. and economists say american shoppers are spending more than they were last year. new numbers just this week show sales of clothing up across the board 10% and even more telling, sales of luxury and brand name items up 7%. and with black friday nearly here and retailers promising block buster deals, we wondered how big they'll be. so matt gutman called the mall up before they even opened, and matt, they were there to answer the phone already. >> reporter: absolutely, david. they are there, trying to capitalize on that early momentum you just managed. let's one of the reasons they are trying to get people out to spend as much as they can, offering this array of deals. it can get confusing, so we decided to try to get answers for folks on what the best deals were out there. how about $1,000 off a tv? retailers are bombarding shoppers with deals. so, we thought we'd ask retailers themselves which sales are the best. several of the major retailers
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tell us their best deals, on tvs. this is matt gutman from abc news. i'm wonder what your single best deal is this season. >> well, we're going to have a great deal on a 50-inch plasma that's going to be on sale for $699. >> reporter: down from? >> down from $1,000. >> reporter: they started lining up on tuesday for that one. wall marlt? >> we will offer a 32-inch lcd high definition tv for just $198. >> reporter: and sears opened today for the first time ever on thanksgiving day. what is your best best deal? >> our best deal has to be our samsung 55-inch tv. $1,000 off in tomorrow's ad. >> reporter: 1,000 bucks off? for a low tech gift, target says its $10 bathrobe is its best deal. jcpenney, these $150 boots marked down to 30 bucks. next, we turned to becky worley. what's the best online deal? >> has some pretty
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aggressive deals. they have $30 off the nintendo dsi system. and then starting on black friday at 9:00, the kindle two is going on sale for $89, limited quantity, but that's a steal. >> reporter: david, the projections are that a lot of americans are going to snap up those steals, spending over $450 billion this holiday season. now, retailers are banking on something that they call frugality fatigue. that means that people are tired of pinching pennies and maybe, just maybe, will splurge a little bit on themselves. david? >> all right, matt gutman, our deal maker today. matt, appreciate it. we posted everything that matt found there on the phone on a b c we were reminded today that politics takes no break, even on this holiday. with new questions about whether a man who was once one of the most powerful figures in congress could face serious
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prison time. he now says he plans to fight his conviction, and here is jon karl. >> reporter: tom delay was once one of the most feared political figures in america. now, he stands convicted of money laundering, a crime that could mean real prison time. defiant as ever, delay says it was the prosecutors, and not he, who abused power. >> it's a miscarriage of justice. and i still maintain that i am innocent. the criminalization of politics undermines our very system. >> reporter: delay was found guilty of illegally funneling $190,000 in corporate money to the campaigns of seven republican candidates for the texas legislature in 2002. >> swaps, end runs, circles around corporate contributions are prohibited. >> reporter: on a political level, the scheme worked. six of the candidates won, allowing republicans to take control of the texas legislature
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for the first time ever. hard ball tactics earned him the nickname the hammer. a hero to republicans, he whipped up the votes to impeach president bill clinton. but the indictment in the texas case forced delay to step down in 2005. he faded into relative obscurity until last year. when he made a splash on "dancing with the stars." delay's reputation was also tarnished because of his relationship with jack abramoff, the disgraced lobbyist sentenced to six years in prison in a political krums case that entheired two of delay's top aides. he recently told brian ross he's still stigt with abramoff. >> he's still a friend of mine. >> reporter: have you talked to him? >> yes, i have. i talked to him about a month ago, after he got out of prison. >> reporter: what did you talk about? >> none of your business.
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>> reporter: delay is scheduled to be sentenced on december 2 20th. the judge can opt for something as little as probation, and david, as you hear, delay has made it clear that he will appeal this conviction. >> all right, jon karl working in washington, appreciate it. we're going to turn overseas now, and u.s. navy ships continue to head to south korea tonight for joint military exercises. washington says this had already been planned. but tonight the u.s. is increasing pressure now on china to do something to reign in its ally. alex marquardt is in seoul tonight. >> reporter: today, the bodies of the two civilians killed in the island attack, arriving on the main land for burial. arriving amid an escalation of force and rhetoric. south korea's president ordered more troops and equipment to the maritime border with north korea, including the island that was hit. warning that another attack
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could be imminent and calling for more aggressive rules of engagement. for its part, north korea vowed waves of retaliation if provoked. the first attack on civilians here since the korean war has been met with uncommon fury, both against the north and against their own government for a slow and tepid response. "we should punish the north's deliberate provocation," this man told us. today, the defense minister resigned. korean television broadcast animation how the south could destroy the north's military installations. u.s. navy ships steam towards the koreas for joint military exercises with the south. and as the 28,000 american troops based in south korea celebrated thanksgiving this was one of the more tense thanksgivings american troops have had here. many leaders, including president obama, have called on china, north korea's closest ally, to now step in and diffuse the situation.
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david? >> alex, thank you. and there was a remarkable story of survival from the other side of the world today. three teenagers believed to be lost at sea, found alive by fishermen who spotted a dot on the horizon. the three young castaways who spent two months lost at sea are finally on their way home tonight. they spent 50 days, not knowing if they would ever go home. the boys went missing in early october, trying to row their tiny 12-foot aluminum boat between two islands near their home after new zealand. their families thought they were held, they held funerals the entire village of 500 came to born. tonight, that village is now celebrating. the four of one of the boys declaring the rescue a miracle. it was a group of fishermen who found them by chance. one of the rescuers, in his own words. >> one of my crew members was standing watch at the time and he noticed that he could see something floating on the horizon off our boups. and as we drew closer, we realized it was a small craft.
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and then when we drew even more close, we realized there were people inside this craft. they were in need of some assistance. i did ask them if they needed any help, and their reply was a very ecstatic yes. >> reporter: and just how did they survive, and what did they eat? >> they had a small supply of coke nuts. these only lasted two days. they did go for a period where they were only drinking fresh water which they were capturing through the night. they did tell me also that they were able to catch a sea bird, which was very lucky for them. >> reporter: the fishermen say the boys are nursing terrible sun burns but otherwise are in great spirits. they actually called home, asking for forgiveness for their long voyage. their parents tonight just want them home. we're told the boys will arrive home sometime this evening and as you heard there, their entire town, already celebrating tonight. and still ahead as we continue on "world news" this thanksgiving, just a few hundred of them left in the world, and our reporter is right there as a
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spirit bear emerges from the wild. why is there growing concern about their survival? a small group of american soldiers sending messages home tonight. what sun soldier told us about his grandmother. it's what he misses most. and why did so many americans make a mad dash to google something this holiday, and it wasn't a recipe they were looking for. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum silver ultra women's,
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tonight, there is a real push to save the so-called spirit bears. a mysterious breed found only in one small corner of canada. there are just a few hundred of them left and our david wright traveled to the forest where authorities have until now done everything they could to keep the bears whereabouts a secret. >> reporter: in a remote corner of canada, in a wilderness area the size of switzerland, a rare creature found nowhere else on the planet. a black bear with a genetic variation that gives it a pure white coat. like a polar bear. to the native people here, the spirit bear is sacred. >> if we were sitting at the dinner table, you know, and somebody mentioned they seen one, everybody would tell you to, shh, keep it quiet, we don't want too many people to know. >> reporter: marvin robinson, a tra tracker, took us on a journey to see the spirit bear. >> we call it the while bear. >> reporter: his tribe believes
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that in the creation, the all-powerful raven gave the bear its white fur to remind us of a time when the world was covered in ice and snow. but the spirit bear now faces a threat. a proposed oil pipeline that threatens to turn the great bear rain forest into a super highway for super tankers. nay give fishermen are worried. this wilderness is their bread basket. >> how can we look after land if it's all covered with oil? >> reporter: the oil company insists the pipeline poses no threat. the pipeline, they note, would skirt the rain forest. >> we believe the potential of a spill is remote. we'll put in very thorough plans about what we'll do in the event of a spill. but the public needs to be confident that we can respond effectively. >> reporter: the oil company planning the pipeline has unfortunately had some practice. a pipeline in michigan burst over the summer, spilling a million gallons into one of the
6:49 pm
rivers that flowing into the great lakes. >> never did we imagine that we would be deeming with big oil. >> reporter: groups that have fought to protect this place are trying to stop the pine line, in part by calling attention to the spirit bear. as we ourselves discovered, they are magnificent to behold. we've been at this for three days now, and this is the first glimpse of the spirit bear. it's just amazing. these white bears are rarer than panda bears. no more than 500 of them on earth and the only place in the world you can see them is right here. >> for me, they're the one symbol of this rain forthat's is going to get people to care about the entire habitat. >> reporter: proud symbols of a part of the world that hopes to remain free from the stain of oil. david wright, abc news, in the great bear rain forest. >> spectacular. and when we come back tonight, we brought a camera to a group of american soldiers in one of the most dangerous corners of the world. tonight, they tell us they're missed fried turkey, walmart and
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something their grandmother makes.
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on this thanksgiving night, we cannot forget the dining room tables all across this country with an empty chair. so many families waiting for a loved one to come home from work. our mike boettcher is asking what americans are missing most tonight. >> reporter: what do you miss the most? >> the food and the music. it's something that's really deep and traditional. >> probably my grandma's
6:53 pm
cranberry sauce. she makes pretty good cranberry sauce. >> we have a family dip that we usually have during the course of the day before dinner that we, you know, the kids aren't complaining that they're hungry. >> reporter: so, you really miss those flavors of home? >> oh, yes i do, sir, very much so. >> i miss being around my family, obviously. i miss my son. but being able to do what i want to do, go to walmart when i need to. >> we usually go and shoot all the guns and stuff and have a good time before dinner. spend time with the kids, playing video games or whatever, just sitting in the living room. >> being around for all the dysfunctional family moments, fighting over the mashed potatoes. >> i miss playing football with the guys i used to go to high school with. that's kind of a thing weapon used to do, every thanksgiving before the morning. >> eggnog and fried turkey. always fried turkey with my family.
6:54 pm
>> oh, and eating mom's strawberry cake. >> getting to eat a lot of turkey and taking a snap. >> i was telling my mom earlier today, actually, that i didn't really realize the sacrifice of deployment, that it really comes down, it's mostly the hold dales that you really miss, that you notice the sacrifice, what soldiers have to put up with. >> wish we could send some of grandma's cranberry sauce. we are thankful and mindful of their sacrifice this holiday. when we come back here on the broadcast tonight, why were so many americans searching on the broadcast tonight, why were so many americans searching on google today? tends to tion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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go to for details. finally tonight here, we all know that moment during thanksgiving dinner when someone is called upon to say something profound. and it turns out many americans have been searching for that something on google. it's one of the most popular searches on google right now. thanksgiving quotes. something poignant to say when the entire family is gathered around the dining room table. so, we searched, too. the american writer william ward wouns quote, god gave you a gift of 84,400 seconds today. have you used one to say thank you? american poet will burr nesbit
6:58 pm
wrote, forever on thanksgiving day, the heart will find a path home. johnny carson said, thanksgiving is an emotional hoi day. people travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year and then discover that once a year is way too often. but searching for the right thing to say might have come in handy during this scene from "home for the holidays." everyone around that dining room table left speechless. and there was this american humorist, who once said, what we're really talking about is a holiday is the set aside on the fourth thursday in november when no one diets. i didn't google anything profound, but simply saying thank you for spending part of your holiday right here with us. for diane and all of us, happy thank thanksgiving. good night. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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